Hi, I’m Kumar Gaurav Singh, minimalistwriter

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and Blogger. Right now, I am writing and managing the MinimalistWriter blog. It is the best resource for new writers to learn about Freelance writing from scratch. In addition, It also helps them to minimize their struggle to get hired.

About my work & experience: I started my journey in late 2016 as a junior WordPress developer. I learned the basics of CMS management by using plugins and creating Landing pages & newsletters for my clients in my job. But within 3 months, I switched my career from development to the business side.

Because I found that I was more interested in the business side job, like SEO and Marketing. From then on, I actually journey started. Now I have 2+ years of work experience in Content Writing and SEO because I worked with a lot of different clients in my job.

Due to health issues, I resigned from my job and started as a Freelance writer in 2018. I have gained skills related to writing, and my blog is dedicated more towards clear & concise writing. Are you interested for hire me for your next project? You can contact me by filling this contact form.

Why I started Freelance writing/ghostwriting:

I have started this blog to express my thoughts, insights, and experience which I have gained in my freelancing journey. Plus, showing potential clients that I can write on subjects that matter. In general, no, every Freelance writer is able to deliver what his/her client asked for. But I used my experience to write better copies, and impress my clients.

Do you know, why? The dark side of Freelancing agencies and 5-stars Freelancers, they are not supposed to tell you.

They have a team of writers ( many times inexperienced and interns)  desperately bidding on projects after projects, produces low-quality copies, and shifting on the next clients. They do only care about the high-ticket clients and profits they have to generate at the end of the month. Many agencies and freelancers did only this.

I knew this because earlier in my job career, I used to be part of the same group. As a result, I faced serious health issues and fat gain in my 20’s. That’s why I shifted my focus towards freelancing and started working on selective clients only.

Freelance Writer for hire:

Freelance writing is more about delivering on time content related to blog posts, how-to guides, detailed reviews & listable articles. I wrote more than 500 articles on these. I can deliver the best quality work for you, with proper Author description. My interests follow these niches are SaaS Products and Tools, Amazon Reviews, Business, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO. For hiring, Visit this.

Ghostwriter for hire:

I can manage your blog, publishing blog articles on your behalf, without mentioning my name in credits. I have already handled more than 5 projects as a Ghostwriter. Check services, I offered.


Why I started Minimalistwriter blog:

Minimalistwriter blog is a resource website/blog where I will share support for new writers who are/will join freelancing as a career option. Freelance writing is no exception, it is a business. But before asking for a ton of money from clients, writers have to deliver that quality of work.

Many new writers do not have that kind of skillsets, they struggle. I am helping them by providing clarity and depth insights that help them to improve their writing. If you are new to this website, please check these two pages, Archives and MinimalistWriter store. These resources will save your time, money, and affords. You can also visit our blog, and should check the latest posts, I published on my blog.

Join me:

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