Why does business need content writers

Why does a business need content writers? #3 shocked you.

Why does a business need content writers? Have you ever wondered? They are important not because they are writing about the company and its products. But they are also familiar with business models, product types, and audiences.

If you own a small to medium-sized business, you can take the work “do it all by me.” But in the long run, it is overwhelming to give time to write.

You can hire a professional writer or a team of writers to create content and make your online presence alive by optimizing content for SEO, creating free eBooks, and eye-catching social media captions to generate more leads.

The main motive for hiring a professional content writer or a team is to save time from useless promotions.

Instead, owners can put this time to run their businesses.

That’s why businesses need content writers to run, establish, and scale without spending huge on advertising.

Here are some reasons why we need professional content writers for business.

Why does a business need content writers?

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1. They help to Build Brand Awareness.

Every business has a list of products in its portfolio that they need to sell to its customers.

And if you are a large company, like Apple, Microsoft, or Google, you can spend millions on advertising.

But what about other companies and self-employed individuals? What can they do to promote their newly launched products?

And, here is why you need content writers. They can help you advertise and let consumers discover more about what you are selling by generating detailed newsletters, blog posts, review articles, and comparison articles.

They are experts in writing eye-catching social media captions to boost your engagement.
They sell your products with a good story to establish a relationship with your potential customers.

2. They establish business & your authority on the Internet.

Posting regular content lets people get an idea of what your business is all about. But you may need consistent affords to create and distribute content across all platforms you owned.

Small and mid-sized businesses get affected by sharing low-quality content with their audience. It ends up in the spam folder of their audience’s inbox.

But you can save a lot of money by hiring a freelance writer who knows his craft and helps you regularly update your website with well-written blog posts, and keeps people interested.

Now you may question their authority. Let me share an example. Do you know, that Top 500 companies’ CEOs are not writing their own Annual & customers letters by themselves?

Instead, they hire experienced ghostwriters who get the job done without mentioning any credits.

In short, these written words are of CEOs but written by ghostwriters with a clear message.
Nowadays, well-known celebrities, media houses, trending publishers, and organizations hire experienced ghostwriters for their website’s content in exchange for good money.

In any case, you don’t know what a ghostwriter does. He is similar to a content writer, but he doesn’t take credit for his work. I shared a lot of insights on Freelance writing and blogging in my weekly newsletter “Write Clear!”

3. Quality content brings customers back.

When you put a content writer on a job, you will get enormous returns over time.

Every business will be looking to build and retain its old customers to provide a consistent cash flow.

When an experienced writer takes responsibility to plan and execute your content strategy, he will publish high-quality content.

Quality content brings back the audience too often. More returning visitors come to your site, resulting in high authority and market shares, and revenue growth.

Shopify & Spotify did the same as what I mentioned above. Adding millions of returning premium clients from their services, they sell.

4. Written content minimizes advertising costs.

I have a question. How often have you seen Amazon showing their ads to buy something from their marketplace? Not much. But in reality, Amazon does sell products through organic marketing.

They cracked it at scale by providing an affiliate commission to the marketers whenever they drive someone to their marketplace that made a purchase.

Why do consumers make purchases in the first place?

Amazon has a ton of detailed product information, customer-related queries, and instructions that they seek to make a decision.

They also support customer reviews generated by their customers, the best way to interact with new customers at no extra cost.

They leverage customer-generated content negative feedback. The same is for you.

Content writers can generate an advantage for your business only by publishing content in the form of blog posts, reviews, comparison articles, and listable.

We called it Content Marketing. It requires some cost but saves a ton of money spent on Advertising. It provides free traffic through search engines.

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Final Thoughts

There are no doubts about the work and its impact on business. Content marketing is a new way of advertising, but not displaying ads. Instead, it looks more to setting up an in-depth relationship with potential customers.

Show them something new to hook, teach them, and finally sell what your business is offering. It can be anything from physical products, tools, ebooks, courses, and membership, to the partnerโ€™s product your business is affiliated with.

Content writers are becoming the backbone of a business in this Gig economy. Because they already knew a lot about a business, its business model, and products/services. If you want to leverage your business, make sure you have a decent list of experienced Content writers who get the job done on time.

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