How to start a side hustle and launch successfully.

How to start a side hustle successfully.

A pandemic hit, and people are lying in a state of crisis. In this world of uncertainty, living paycheck to paycheck is risky. 

We all dream about being a millionaire. However, a few people know that there are at least seven streams of income needed to be a millionaire. And we people are relying upon our nine-to-five job.  

29% of self-made millionaires have more than five streams of income. Initially, they all started their side hustle in their early stage of life. Which somehow grows into a business, as a platform, or as well customer-oriented product. 

Think about Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, despite MinimalistWriter. They all are turning from nothing to billion-dollar companies. They are all side hustles. 

What is Side Hustle Business?  They are often evolving from a hobby or interest to a full-time profession. Or maybe termed as “Passion Project.”

Although, it is also a convenient way to creative and financial freedom or early retirement. 

6 Best advice for your next side hustle business successfully.

How to start a side hustle and launch successfully MinimalistWriter Blog

1. Your passion anticipates money:

Do you know there are more chances of success if you are doing what you love? 

Turning your hobby or passion into a business is always a great pleasure for anyone. There is nothing great than getting paid for what you like to do.

Cheers, if you love doing yoga, you can start teaching yoga to make people more fit. Same you can do for any of your hobbies. You can start small or run it part-time. 

2. Use Technology wisely:

People are not aware of the most effective tool they keep in their pockets every day, their smartphones. But, they are not using these gadgets wisely. 

Don’t waste your precious time over scrolling as we all already know that “scrolling is the new smoking.” People are addicted to social media platforms. 

Harness this to stand out from the crowd, by positioning your side hustle in front of them through social media. Using the digital medium is key to business success online. 

3. Co-founder, A helpful soul:

Many people do not leverage the benefit of a helping hand. They can be anyone from your family to a friend, college mate, or colleague. 

People try to do all things by themselves. In the end, they feel pressure and quit.

Delegating a part of your work or outsourcing it to a freelancer is always a better way to manage your side hustle. Find a working partner or a co-founder who shares the same interests and passion as you do. 

4. Effective Time management practice:

Finding enough time for your side-hustle is always a concern for most of hustlers. A more reliable way to manage your time better is to know where you are spending it.

You can use any time managing software to get aware of your daily activities. Other tips include: 

  • Setting up realistic and more achievable goals.
  • Keep a journal to track daily activities. 
  • Assign tasks to save time. 

5. Move bit by bit:

Big dreams are as important as breathing. But setting up an unreliable goal for your side hustle is a mistake. 

Often beginners do not achieve their goals in time, making them depressed enough to quit. 

Focus only on a small task and take action. Have you ever thought about why small goals? Because they are more likely to achieve. 

Dedicated small actionable steps lead to more achievable goals. It will boost your confidence in your side business too.

6. Always take action to get closer:

Nothing happens until something moves. 

It is a true statement in every sense of life. The actions you take today are going to determine the results in your favor tomorrow. 

A side hustle only succeeds when you put your affords into doing it. Your knowledge is potential power. But when you apply it to your goals, you are making a change of potential into actual power.  

Always remember, 

A year from now, you may wish you had started today.

– Karen Lamb.


Side-hustling is never a money-making scheme. It’s a joint venture of our passion, hobbies, knowledge, time, skills, and actions. Most people fail because they do not know how to start a side hustle and launch successfully. 

However, moving in the forward direction by taking small steps every day will bring you closer to the success of your side hustle. Just like mine, the Minimalist writer blog is a side hustle, I have started by thinking and removing all obligations, I had stuck during the lockdown. Well, don’t you think, it is somehow a good time to take on new stuff?

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