#1 Best Practices in Freelance Writing (Find writing niche)

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#1 Choosing the right writing niche to start your freelance writing career.

There are two kinds of writers all over the Internet – Generalists & Specialists. 

  1. Generalists: Who writes everything, on any topic, from any point of view or in any industry. 
  2. Specialists: Who write on a specific topic with a suitable narrative & for a specific purpose. 

When you decide to become a freelance writer, choosing a suitable writing niche will determine your fate in the writing business. 

A writing niche is a precise area where your knowledge, expertise & skills fill out the cracks in the markets. 

In short, Passion + Skills (You) = Demand (Market) + Budget (Client)

Like, Crypto Industry needs a writer who knows about cryptocurrencies, has worked in the financial sector & can combine personal finance, investing, or both into people’s lives when start using it.  

See, you can combine your specific knowledge and skills with each other & would come up with a new writing niche. Having a specialization will help you find the right clients. 

How to find a writing niche to start your freelance writing career?

  1. Identify what you’re passionate about.
  2. Build your Area of expertise.
  3. Identify profitability & challenges. 

Pro tip: When you find something that works for you and your clients, you should repeat it over and over again. Specificity is the key here

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