Do You Need a Freelance Content Marketing Writer for Hire?

  • I’m an Indian Freelance Writer who writes for both B2B & B2C businesses.
  • I have studied & graduated with a Software Engineer degree, making me reliable while writing online.
  • I have written 150+ answers on Quora and getting more than 450K views.
  • I’m pursuing Minimalism in my life. That’s why I dedicated myself to my craft & try to create valuable work, minimalistwriter.
  • I have written for more than 30 websites/blogs and redefined their content marketing strategies.

I specialize in almost all "work for hire" jobs like💻:

1. Blog Writing: I can write your blog posts that your readers will appreciate. Blog posts are the best piece of content written on a website to build authority & gaining rankings in search engines. It contains any personal or business perspective that I can write accordingly. It helps to communicate readers directly and boost engagement on your blog, same as I did mine, minimalistwriter blog.

2. Ghostwriting: I started my journey as a ghostwriter and successfully wrote for more than 30 clients since 2017. I can deliver high-quality content for blogs, websites, and other content platforms without asking for any credits.

3. Digital Content: Create content for social media profiles as well as other content delivery platforms like Medium, Quora, or Guest posts, you can hire me for any help. I help you with link outreach and also rewrite your webpages if you need it. 

4. Writing Style: Being a content writer is difficult sometimes, especially in lacking real conversations with your clients. It will affect your Content Strategy too. I am not one who outsource content to others. To create high-readability copy, I talk clients, discuss & narrate them the whole context before writing. I can deliver any writing style if needed, like conversational, formal, or informal. 

Client's Speak For my Content Writing Work:

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List of services I offer as Expert Freelance Writer:

Blog Posts & Articles

Remember the days when you saw 1 page websites. Time changed, so did content marketing. Adding blogs to website, makes its chance to get ranked. I publish on my clients' blogs.

Guides & Tutorials

I've written several guides and tutorials related to tools, products, and gadgets. Most of my guides are buying guides to help businesses building more authority on Google.

Reviews Articles

While every website needs commercial intent to become profitable in the long run. Reviews articles make sense. I will use my research skills to write a detailed appraisal.


These are articles used to get more eyeballs and drive them to the desired websites. Do you know, Top 10, best 5 or 50 best tips are the utmost examples of these listable articles.

Social Media Posts

I am also writing social media posts to boost engagement and reach on clients' profiles, and helping their business discover quick on their audiences' radar.

Webpages & Web Content

Your website pages are the values that you have been offering to your customers. I can write SEO-optimized web content that connects . And, give you coveted keyword ranking.

My each Freelance Package charges also includes📦:

  • In-depth topics research and writing.✔️
  • Strong headline for maximum CTR.✔️
  • Relevant images & screenshots. ✔️
  • Stats with verified links.✔️
  • Fully SEO-optimized.✔️
  • Multiple revisions.✔️
  • Internal linkings. ✔️
  • Proper Headings.✔️

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