9 free online content writing tools to start freelance writing business.

Tools? For ages, humans are looking for the best tools that can accomplish a specific task in a certain way to achieve their goals. Consequently, nothing much changed after years of evolution.

In modern days, humans are still finding the right tools for getting things done. Are you looking for free online Content writing tools which help to boost your productivity, and manage your time & project well, or are they free/paid (affordable) to use?

When I started Freelance Writing back in 2017, I did end up searching for the divine tools to create masterpieces for my freelancing clients who had never gone in the right direction. In return, I did waste much time in this mindless exploration because no one was there to help me.

You know the problem with this mindless hunt for the right tools for GTD is challenging because we all have a bunch of options to choose from.

Take a word processor as an example. You need an editor, just to put word while typing. Are you interested in spending all your precious time trying Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Evernote, or Grammarly? If you started trying some tools for one single task- i.e., writing, you end up spending a whole week on all these free online content writing tools. In the end, nothing conclusive to suggest.

Another way is to look at a detailed review or comparison, where someone you trust is spending their time using all of them. Well, I am one who did try and happy to show which helps you too.

I curated my list of suggested free online content writing tools for newbie Freelance Content Writers to start their writing careers. Besides a laptop and some writing notepads, you need these tools to become successful in your writing business.

Writer’s Pick: Archives.

Let’s look at the nine essential tools you need to start a freelance writing business and land/work with some clients.

9 best free online content writing tools for new freelance writers

best free online content writing tools for new freelance writers minimalistwriter blog

1. Well-designed Service-based website.

Give a quick thought on where you find your favorite celebrity, their work, or any news related to them. Simply, Online, on the Internet. So, did I. Last time, I found the next series of Cobra Kai 3 will release in 2021 on their official Twitter page. That’s why I have finished my search for Season 2 on Netflix.

Every business has its official website or official page/account where its customers get updates ASAP. And freelancing has no exception unless you are preparing to fail or just start a side hustle. To get potential leads and customers later, you need a website.

I did the same by building my site for both visitors & clients. It serves as my portfolio. Also, add value to my visitors who want to learn Freelance Writing.

A service-based website where your potential prospects find all your published work can build long-lasting trust. They may convert into your favorite clients in the recent future.

If you are serious about your writing career, an investment worth $100 (or less) is enough to get started. Buy Domain From Namecheap & Hosting from Hostinger, I am using it for almost two years without any necessity to call customer care. Or you can create one free website on wordpress.com with limited features.

2. Leadpages– For Collecting Potentials Leads.

As the name suggests, lead pages help you to capture the email addresses of your potential prospects through well-designed pop-ups and alert bars. You don’t need to know about coding before designing these as Leadpages has to prebuild templates on their platform to help you save a lot of your time.

One key feature I admire most is the complete insights into how well pages do on your website. Their analytics feature is easy to understand even for the starters too.

But it is a little bit costly. If you are a starter and have no idea/money to invest more on your website, you may consider Mailchimp or Substack. They are FREE for starters but with limited features and customize options.

Do consider these because running out of the budget is painful. But you still have choices, and we have to consider these to get kickstart business.

Check these Leadpages resources before making a purchase.

3. Google Docs- Free Word Processor.

Sure not all tools in our list are paid tools. Some are curiously free tho. People are trying too many word processors these days, an ultimate battle between Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

In my opinion, both tools have shared a ton of features for free with their online users. Although G Docs works well no matter, whether you are a free user or paid one. A key measure is the extensive library resources.

G Docs offers some great add-ons that amuse your work. Like, I am using the Semrush addon to get optimized my written article well for search engines. All G docs sync with your Google drive default. Even you don’t have to worry about Collaboration & Security. Google will take care of your work by also saving log files & changes done during collaboration.

Visit Google Docs’ official page here!

4. Grammarly – For Writing & Editing.

One of the questions I get from mostly new writers who started their Freelance Writing careers ask from me, “Do they need editing their copies?”

Yes, You do need this. And an editing Tool like Grammarly helps you getting done your editing work done. I am using a paid version of this app. It is affordable when you buy it annually.

Check my Detailed review on Grammarly, where I have shared a detailed overview of using Grammarly for writing & editing blog posts, articles, and social media captions. It is free to use but with limited features. If you are at the beginning of your freelance business, use the free version.

It comes with Chrome’s extension (free) to run the background while working on a Desktop. Same for Firefox. I have used it almost for 92 weeks. It works fine. So, for the next free online content writing tools article, you should definitely give it try.

Try Grammarly for FREE. Click for a Free Sign Up! 

5. Portent- Best Title Generator.

According to a survey, 72% of the readers are hooked to an article by reading its title. On the Internet, readers’ attention span is short (6-10 sec.) That makes it crucial to write a catchy title that attracts the potential readers of a specific article. That’s why in our list of free online content writing tools for new writers, portent (website) makes a count.

I used Portent to get ideas of titles that I may/may not use. But it is essential to open your mind to new title ideas. Portent has an easy-to-use interface with unlimited title suggestions. One best thing is that you can tweet your titles to get a response from your Twitter followers for the best suitable title.

Check the Portent Website Here!

6. Canva- Create Photos, Banners & More.

The next on my list is not a content writing tool. Still, it helps me design beautiful banners, graphics, and animate gifs for my freelance clients. Did you know attractive images assist readers to stick with the article till the end?

Canva has a lot of prebuilt image templates that minimize your time. You can access a ton of beautiful images, elements, logo designs, and social media profile covers ( for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more) from the Canva library without even paying.

I used it for almost three years and also designed the minimalist writer’s logo with Canva. Canva does allow you to download your created graphics in high resolution. If you are looking for more features like transparent backgrounds, resizing, or personal branding, you should go for the Canva Pro plan.

Give a try to Canva Pro for FREE for 30 days here.

7. Paypal – Getting paid for your service.

Freelance writing is a business, Right? To run a business smoothly, you need cash and timely payment from your clients. I am mentioning this because I did it completely wrong by not signing in for getting International payments through my clients.

In the end, I lost almost $800 from a client. All my time and hard work were wasted. When you work for domestic clients, like me, I worked in India. If I have to get payments from my Indian clients, I am using Paytm, Google Pay, or Instamojo, because they work best when you have to transfer INR.

But the conditions have changed when you work for International clients. They will pay you in $, Euro, or maybe some other country currency. PayPal works best for all types of currencies unless bitcoins. PayPal exchange rates are also higher as compared to standard. It has an easy-to-use interface with secure timely settlements, and you get paid with an email id.

Sign Up for a PayPal account here.

8. Microsoft ToDo – For Planning Your Next Move.

In the recent decade, except from free online content writing tools, productivity apps- Todo & project management apps get popularity among young entrepreneurs & business owners. If you’re not a producing freak, you can still hear some of these names from your colleagues.

For example, one of my clients assigned me a project only because I am using Trello. I am giving it a try for my three other freelancing projects that I carried on anyway. Planning and managing your to-do lists is an essential task for anyone who wants to stay productive during work.

Since 2017, I have tried many of these apps & now settled on the Microsoft Todo list. Because of its intuitive UI. It has Cross-platform functionality with easy sharing. If you’re a Microsoft fanboy, it extends its functions with Office 365 subscription.

Install or sign up for the Microsoft ToDo list here.

9. Trello- For Project Management.

The last best free app for project management is Trello. The problem with Todo list apps, they work well with limited Todos & reminders. When it comes to high-level structural planning, they lack. That’s why project management tools like Trello, Asana, and Wrike come to rescue you.

I personally recommend you to use Trello for long-term planning because it has a simple drag and drops user interface to work. Plus, it offers unlimited boards, cards, and lists. Now, Trello gives you access to use a ton of templates including sales, CRM, and editorial calendars to save time. Visit all templates here.

It is free to all but with some limited features. And, 2AF makes it more secure. Automation and Power-ups are also making it more suitable for new freelancing & business owners.

Give Trello a TRY for your upcoming projects.

Final Words:

Well, we come close to ending this free online content writing tools article. On a short note, I am suggesting these tools to you. Start leveraging these to start your freelance writing business. These tools make your writing journey easy.

Grammarly, Canva, and building your work portfolio using Siteground, will put you ahead of your competitors. Don’t miss these opportunities.

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