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It’s all about Concise and Clear. -Kumar Gaurav Singh

The problem with today’s writers is they try to include all stuff in between a single conversation. That’s leading to “miss out the crucial” details every listener’s motive to involve in a chat.

MinimalistWriter is a place where you learn and acquire valuable insights related to Freelance Writing & Freelancing, mostly in curated forms. 

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Our Values


Writing clear does initially start with paying attention to "Thinking Clear." Haven't you paid enough attention? Putting attention (& focus) pulls things back in the process.


Amateurs take it in the wrong way. Taking notes doesn't mean capturing all on a single page. When everything is important, nothing is. Follow a structure.


When you take one month for writing a single piece of content, you are focusing on Perfection. That's bad. It's time for Practice, not perfection. Write Once, Edit Twice.


Love only grows by sharing, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing a lot more than you think. You can only have more when you share it with others. Sharing is Caring.

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