About Me

I am Kumar Gaurav Singh, a formal IT professional who did work in this industry for more than two years. In these years, I worked as an SEO Analyst & Content Writer.


I also managed CMS like WordPress and SquareSpace for company clients’. I learned to deal with changes with calmness. But jobs are absorbing all your time and energy. 


I left because these jobs were consuming a lot of my time, causing a bad impact on my health. That’s why I left and switched to freelancing. 


I am a freelance writer since 2018, writing and editing blog posts, articles, and other web content. The best part of my job is presenting information with clarity. 


Same, I am trying to do with my blog. My blog is an implication of my thoughts, insights & experiences dispense with clarity. All you need is to start reading it.  


  • I’m an Indian Freelance Writer who writes for both B2B & B2C businesses.
  • I have studied & graduated with a Software Engineer degree, making me reliable while writing online.
  • I have written 150+ answers on Quora and getting more than 450K views.
  • I’m pursuing Minimalism in my life. That’s why I dedicated myself to my craft & try to create valuable work.
  • I have written for more than 15 websites/blogs and redefined their content marketing strategies.