Hi, I’m Kumar Gaurav Singh, minimalistwriter

I’m a Freelance Content Writer and Blogger. I founded the blog MinimalistWriter. Also, writing a newsletter Write Clear!

This site & newsletter hosting all my writings on SaaS Products and Tools, Amazon Reviews, Business, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media SEO, Tools, self-help, and more. Check out my writing in the blog section.

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Why I started Freelance writing/ghostwriting:

Do you know, why? The dark side of Freelancing agencies and 5-stars Freelancers, they are not supposed to tell you.

They have a team of writers (often inexperienced and interns)  desperately bidding on projects after projects, producing low-quality copies, and shifting on to the next clients. They do only care about the high-ticket clients and profits.

But I can provide value to your business. I can help you in your content marketing by providing high-quality plagiarism-free content and optimize it for Google search results.

I can manage your blog, publishing blog articles on your behalf, with/without mentioning my name in credits. I have already handled more than 9 clients’ projects as a Ghostwriter. Check services, I offered.

Join me:

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